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Veeo Events GmbH & Co. KG is an international event Company with Offices in the Rhein Main region and in Munich. In our business divisions eventmanagement and -consulting we operate corporate events, social events and shareholder’s meetings. With veeo events we combine the creativity and flexibility of a young and dynamic team with professional work based on long lasting event experience. Together with a carefully selected pool of committed specialists and national/international providers we can cope with big events, ensuring reliable work and high quality in planning, realization and event controlling.

Our vision is to afford perfect services and an exceptional and exclusive event to our clients. Customers, employees, shareholders and guests of our clients shall never forget this perfect event.

Be impressed by our vision for your event! personal | dedicated | reliable We are there for you – personally: Based by your wishes and conceivabilities, we design an ideal concept for your event. Dedicated and reliable – we accompany you on every step that your event has: From the planning, organization, to the realization and event controlling. We are your flexible partner.


International is big in our business: New York, Shanghai, London, Milan, Paris or Rom … we share our experience. Together with our committed partners and worldwide business contacts we create a special and unique event for you and your guests. We elaborate concepts “all over the world”, considering country-specific characteristics and requirements and realizing the whole event, reflecting your business target. Planning a single event or an oversea roadshow, we will be your single point of contact.

Corporate Events

corporate events

Social Events

social events


shareholder‘s meetings


Participant management

corporate events

Events belong to the most effective instruments in the daily business of corporate communications. A hotline to customers, employees, shareholder’s and guests have become essential.

Together with our clients we develop strategies and concepts to establish this connection and create unforgettable experiences. Event targets like learning, networking, commitment or rewarding, will be defined and the target achievement will be checked after the event by event evaluation.

On national and international level we support internal and external corporate events, e.g.

  • conferences, management meetings, board / supervisory board meetings
  • employee events, incentives, evening events
  • project kick-offs, customer events, VIP events
  • marketing events, product events, press conferences, etc.

social events

In our business division social events we combine inspiration, lifestyle and the special note in your event. Your guests in exclusive locations, elegant ambience, amazed by an exceptional show! That’s what it is about!

We create emotion and memory! With your goals and our we support on a national and international level unforgettable moments with...

  • evening events, gala
  • charity events, awarding ceremonies
  • fashion shows, jubilee, etc.

shareholder‘s meetings

We take care of creating the ideal setting for your shareholder's Meeting. Shareholders and guests experience your company values through a perfectly organized event. We manage the event-part of your shareholder‘s meeting and handle

  • eventlocation, stagebuilding, catering, technique
  • logistics, hotel, transfers, security
  • marketing + equipment, licensing procedures
  • staff assignment ( doctor, wardrobe, cleaning, etc.)
  • decoration and much more ...

Participant management

We manage your participant data:

  • referring to the EU data Privacy Law.
  • Data collection
  • Invitation management via individualized registration portal
  • Communication with participants
  • preparation of guest lists and guest register

Together with our partner x-plizit we are working with the „eventanizer” – an interactive platform for professional participant management.

We register and complete your provided data and create individualized guest lists
Considering your requests we configure your individual registration portal, where your guests can register and enter additional information (e.g. travel data, confirmation evening events, etc.)
Via Email or letters we send out personalized invitations to your guests with reference to the online registration portal. Responses will be controlled regularly. This ensures a complete overview of your guest lists – anytime.
Based on the data your guests enter at the registration portal (potentially with picture), we are able to create a booklet for your event, containing guest lists, overviews, etc. (printed booklet or interactive list for tablets).
During the registration process, we take care of the communication with your guests and inform them about any organizational detail of your event. We are glad to assist your guests via phone and email. Shortly before your event starts, we send out a detailed confirmation mail to your guests with all event related information (hotel, addresses, transfers, etc.)

We provide variable documents for your event:

  • Name tags and identity cards
  • schedule / participant folders
  • hotel lists
  • transfer lists
  • signage
  • and much more

veeo events GmbH & Co. KG supports your during the event with:

  • Handling participant registration
  • Helpdesk for guests
  • and much more…

After the event we send out anonym feedback links to receive the guest’s impression of your event. We evaluate the data and send you an elaborated feedback including NPS (Net Promoter Score).


Isabel Leoff

Office Rhein-Main

Isabel Leoff-Thoerle

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Verena Gravemeier

Office Munich

Verena Gravemeier

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